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++ 1973?.k. Binatone - stereo8 to compact-cassette adaptor

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- adaptor pentru ascultarea casetelor clasice (compact-cassette tip Philips) pe casetofoane americane tip (RCA) stereo8/8track ; prin acest adaptor, cea mai populara caseta americana (stereo8/8track ) este ïnvinsa" de clasica "compact-cassette", mai mica, cu durata mai mare, dar cu un aparat ceva mai complex, impusa pe piata europeana si asiatica de mari producatori ca Philips, Grundig, Sony, Matsushita.

-adaptor from the most popular US cartridge = 8track/stereo8 to classic "compact-cassette" strongly marketed all over the world by great producers like Philips, Grundig, Sony, Matsushita; by this kind of adaptor, the story of classic US cartridge declined in favor of compact-cassette, smaller, longer, but using a more complex player.