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+++ 1955.a.c. caseta/cassette Midgetape RL

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- prima caseta audio (in inteles clasic, respectiv: dimensiuni mici, manevrare simpla) cu banda magnetica si primul model de caseta audio cu role suprapuse (paralele), nu alaturate, cum se vor face ulterior; (celalalt model a fost Sanyo Magazine, folosit la Sanyo Micro-Pack M35, 1964).
semi-carcase si role interioare metalice ; banda similara celei de magnetofon, tip Dupont Mylar; viteza benzii: 4,76 cm/sec; 2 fete, durata 2 x 30/45 min; forma unica, data de configuratia aparatului; comparatie cu alte 49 casete audio -in tabelul din sectiunea ''despre casetofon'' .

- first (& rare) model of audio cassette (in a classic style: small and easy handling) having magnetic tape and overlapped (parallel) reels, not side by side - as were the next types (another cassettes of this model were 3M Cantata 700 for the player 3M/Scotch 94AG and Sanyo Magazine, for Sanyo Micro-Pack M-35 - see attached); used by Mohawk Midgetape 300 portable voice recorder; metal components; tape speed: 1.7/8 '', 2 sides x 30/45 min each; tape's type: Dupont Mylar; ; made in USA ; more details/comparisons w. another 49 diff. types -in the table presented in ''about cassette-recorder'' section.