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22RR425 3 in 1 music system 3M 4250Exec 4 track 575 8603E 8-track 9TC2100 ADAT-cassette AH871 Alesis AQ5150 AR060 AR070 AR284 AR574 AR66 AR774 Attache autoreverse AW7150 AZ1000 AZ8040 Blaupunkt boombox Camden car-cassette cart cartridge cartridge player caseta casetofon casetofon auto casetofon de buzunar cassette cassette-recorder CD100 CFM2500 changer Channel Master Combiphon continuous play Corina Cousino CR304 CR-242 D6350 D6550 D6608 D6920 MK2 D7162 D7547 D8078 D8082 D8444 D8634 D88 D8814 DAT data recorder DC International DCC DCC300 DCC951 DDS deck DeJur dictabelt Dictaphone Dictet digital cassette digital recorder double cassette double-cassette drahtonkasette DTC-690 DTRS EL5 Elcaset Electronica endless cartridge endless cassette endless player F1462 FC260 FCD185 Fidelipac Fisher Fisher-Price ghettoblaster Grundig GX-75 hifi ITC k7 kassette KT1350 Le Cube magazine Matsushita medical recorder Memocord Mercury MHC-450 microcassette microDAT Midgetape mini-caseta mini-cassette mini-radiorecorder mini-recorder minicaseta Minifon Mohawk Mohawk Midgetape MPA MTL10 Muntz Muntz Electronics music system musicbox N2002 N2206 N2207 N2511 N2521 N5846 NAB National National Panasonic Nippon Electronics NL-1128 Norelco NT1 NTC Olympus Orrtronic Panasonic Philips Philips EL3301 phone robot picocassette Pioneer Planar Playtape PMD222 pocket player pocket recorder pocket-recorder pocketrecorder Porta Two portable cartridge recorder portable player portable recorder portable stereo professional professional cassette professional recorder Protona R-5410B radio-tv-cassette radiocasetofon radiorecorder RCA RCA Victor reportofon robot telefonic RR482 Saba Sabamobil Sanyo Scotch Sharp Sistem Compact Stereo 001 sony Sony studio-recorder SX6987 Tascam Teac technical jewel Tefi Tefifon Tehnoton Telefunken The Roller Thomas TKR-15 Uher Vega 328 Vity voice recorder voice-recorder walkman wire cartridge wire cartridge recorder WM-D6 WMF45 XT