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+++ ca. 1944.a. RD-11B/GNQ-1 - military wire recorder/reproducer unit

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Este ”casetofonul” militar (probabil primul din lume) american ce folosea caseta „magazine MX-303/ANQ-1 (vezi alaturat); din spusele vanzatorului american, a rezultat ca s-a folosit pe bombardiere B-29 in al 2-lea razboi si a fost scos din uz prin 1949; constructia – specific militara – pune accentul pe calitatea materialelor + rezistenta la socuri: astfel, rezistentele sunt fixate prin infasurare pe cose si apoi lipite, 3 din cele 6 lampi sunt fixate pe pufere din cauciuc, tot ansamblul fiind fixat pe un sasiu/soclu tip sina, cu ajutorul a 4 picioare cu bucse metalice vulcanizate in pufere de cauciuc (a carui calitate/elasticitate s-a pastrat intacta !!). Motorul, f. mare, cu max 1725 rotatii/min, conceput a conduce role cu fir in greutate de cca. 0,4 kg si a lucra pana la temperatura de 40 gr. C. Lampile se aprind, motorul misca, dar casetele au firele incurcate si nu l-am putut proba. Greutatea e pe masura- cca 18 kg, iar dimensiunile (cu soclu) sunt 36 x 34 x 23 cm.

Functional; cu schema.

It is an US military reproducer-recorder unit (probably the first in the world) which used the ”magazine MX-303 / ANQ-1" (see attached) ; it seems it was mounted on the B-29 bomber in the II-nd WW and was put out of use in ca. 1949; construction - specific military - emphasis on the quality of the materials + resistance to shocks: thus, the resistors are fastened by wrapping and then glued, 3 of the 6 lamps are fixed to the rubber bushings , the whole assembly being mounted on a chassis / socket base, with a 4-stem, rubber-coated metallic bushing (the quality /elasticity of which was kept intact!). The large engine, with a maximum of 1725 rpm, conceived for to drive wire role with a weight of about 0.4 kg and a dust up to a temperature of 40 gr. C. The lamps are lighted, the engine is moving, but the cassettes have twisted wires and I could not prove it. The weight is about 18 kg and the dimensions (with the socket) are 36 x 34 x 23 cm.
Working; w. electrical diagram (bought from Tony & Deborah Bowen, Anderson,SC,USA)