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+++ 1987.e. Dictasette (picocassette)=smallest analog cassette | Cassette recorder museum

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+++ 1987.e. Dictasette (picocassette)=smallest analog cassette
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- cea mai mica caseta audio analogica; inovaţie Dictaphone, 9mm/sec, 35 x 25 x 4 mm ; pt. comparatie cu alte 42 tipuri de casete, v. tabel din sectiunea ''despre casetofon''.

- Dictaphone’s invention - Dictasette (TM)=smallest analogic audio cassette; speed: 9mm/sec; for comparison w. other 42 various cass' types, see the table from ''about cassette-recorder'' section.
Author Dictaphone
Created on Sunday 00 1987
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